Wondering what our overseas partners say about WiderNet?

Here are testimonials from administrators, educators and workshop participants:

"The eGranary has come as one of the best solutions to address most of the challenges related to connection speed and the high costs associated to it."  
Teklemichael Tefera, Director of the Information Resource Center at the United States Embassy in Ethiopia

"The eGranary challenges the staff to want to go back to school to acquire degree certificates on a number of relevant disciplines." 
Kayode Odedina, Nigerian National Universities Commission

"One core mission the eGranary has impacted has to do with training students to put facts together into a collective body of knowledge and since the eGranary fosters research, it has really helped this." 
Joshua Arthur, Kumasi Medical School

"Installation of the eGranary at the EP Basic School in Ashaiman, Ghana, has expanded the boundaries of the traditional libraries and encouraged students to go beyond static texts and explore the rich digital environment provided by eGranary." 
Mohit Agrawal, Engineers Without Borders

"We’re able to provide computer skill training to hundreds of children in poverty without spending nearly as much on monthly internet service." 
Joseph Burdick, Restoration Gateway Uganda

"We can now access core clinical data quickly and efficiently. The eGranary is superb for this." 
Bryan Pearson, Dr. Andrew Pearson Resource Centre

"We have greatly improved our science resources and economics literature. The eGranary is also a good addition to our library's English literature section." 
Elizabeth Resor, St. Bernadette De Save

"[The eGranary] made the teachers at our school realize how much information is out there and how it can be used to expose students to a whole new world of information." 
Carolyn Carter, United Methodist Church of Nigeria (UMCN)

"The amount of learning is phenomenal. The students, never having seen textbooks, are unfamiliar with concepts of world history such as the ancient civilizations in Egypt and Greece. Seeing diagrams as to how and why there are seasons, or the solar system and pictures of the planets elicited amazing responses." 
The Frediani Family, Creative Minds International Academy in Jos, Nigeria