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Training Courses & Workshops

Training and coaching

For nearly sixteen years, The WiderNet Project has worked with more than 8,000 people across the world, providing specialized Information and Communication Technology training, doing research, and providing people with technological materials.

We offer not only a variety of technical trainings, but we can also help with enterprise management, campus services, computer labs, and classroom technology. We've even created a special program for decision makers.

Our people-centered approach focuses on collaboration with our partners to always meet their objectives. We give patrons custom content and curriculum to serve their specific needs.

WiderNet Training Opportunities

Since 2001, WiderNet has trained over 8,000 people across Africa, India and Papua New Guinea in information and communication technologies, including hundreds of decision makers from dozens of universities in sub-Saharan Africa. 

Each training is tailored to meet the needs of our customer.

Who can be trained?

We offer training to technical support staff, librarians, course designers, IT trainers, and instructors. 

How extensive of a training program would you like?                     

Here are examples of topics we could cover: 

  • installation and maintenance,
  • building out wired and wireless networks to share the eGranary,
  • general use of the eGranary,
  • advance search techniques and digital information literacy,
  • creating, uploading and sharing local content (using the built-in Community Information Platform),
  • using Moodle for course management and delivery,
  • repurposing digital content for teaching.

WiderNet has also offered a 10-day Digital Librarianship training at their Durham office only. 

Where will training be held?
eGranary training can occur in your country or at the WiderNet office in Durham, North Carolina.

When a WiderNet trainer visits your country, more people can be trained within a short time. When your organization sends a trainee to the WiderNet office, the trainee will receive a higher-level skill of training.

Cost of training?
$12,000 approximate cost of one WiderNet facilitator to provide one week of training in your country (this can vary due to location, time of year, and airfare). This will pay facilitation fees, airfare, lodging, and per diem for one WiderNet staff person.

$6,000 approximate cost per trainee to receive one week of training at WiderNet office in Durham (this can vary due to time of year and airfare). This will pay for training, airfare, health insurance coverage while in the U.S., SEVIS fee (required to obtain Visa), lodging and per diem for one person. Once you are ready to enroll in training, $500 (non-refundable) is due immediately to begin processing paperwork required to obtain Visa interview appointment and pay SEVIS fees and delivery of official paperwork to your location. All other fees associated with a visa that are paid in country are paid by trainee.


View or download the training brochure.

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