WiderNet Project Partners with Hesperian Foundation

University of Iowa News Release
December 4, 2007

The WiderNet Project aligned with the Hesperian Foundation this November, who made their entire collection of health manuals available in the eGranary Digital Library.

The partnership will give those in Africa greater access to medical information and healthcare tactics.
An offline educational resource also known as “The Internet in a Box™,” the eGranary Digital Library provides people in developing countries access to information from the Internet.

The device stores approximately 10 million educational documents, including OpenCourseWare from MIT course offerings, Project Gutenberg's complete collection of classic literature and the entire Wikipedia website.
These resources are all copied with permission from various Web sites onto small portable hard drives, which are transported to subscribers and partner institutions.

The hard drives are then added to existing servers, enabling staff and students to view materials at speeds that are several thousand times faster and far less expensive than their typical Internet connection.
Using this format, the eGranary Digital Library will now incorporate thirteen medical manuals written by the Hesperian Foundation. Included is "Where There Is No Doctor," the most widely-used health manual for clinicians involved in primary health care delivery around the world.

Known as the "bible of health education" and printed in more than 75 different languages, the manual provides easily comprehendible information on how to treat, prevent, and diagnose common diseases found in developing countries.

Other manuals include information on water sanitation, HIV, dental care, and women's health. Each guidebook will be entirely available in the eGranary Digital Library and will improve health care awareness overseas.

About The Hesperian Foundation

The Hesperian Foundation is a California-based organization dedicated to global health and the distribution of health related information.

Believing that people around the world lack health care due to high prices and services beyond reach, the Hesperian Foundation provides information to those in need through their manuals.

For information regarding Hesperian, visit www.hesperian.org.

About The WiderNet Project

The WiderNet Project is a service organization based at the University of Iowa's School of Library and Information Science in Iowa City, Iowa. The program was launched in 2000 in an attempt to disseminate digital information and materials to developing nations unable to access the Internet. Through the development and utilization of innovative technology, The WiderNet Project continues to make tremendous progress towards bridging the digital divide and serving the information-poor.

The new 750GB eGranary is available for purchase and costs $750 for a USB stand-alone and $2,800 for a server edition.  For more information, visit www.egranary.org or www.widernet.org. 
For information regarding Hesperian, visit www.hesperian.org. 
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