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Why partner with WiderNet?

In developing countries in Africa and Asia, public institutions such as hospitals, schools, and libraries suffer from a lack of funds and technological resources.

The WiderNet Project and our partners and sponsors work together to provide affordable Information Communication Technology so that people in developing nations and communities can gain access to knowledge.

What is a partnership?

Partnerships are longer term relationships between WiderNet and another organization. This relationship is the result of collaborating to meet a common goal--e.g., developing a portal, distributing eGranaries and providing in-country training, establishing computer labs within an organization or school system within a country, etc.

Partnerships require open communication between both parties, an agreement signed by both parties, and financial support.  A third party or the customer funds the majority of WiderNet’s partnerships. It is important for the customer to seek funding when they want to establish a partnership with WiderNet.

Current and past projects

Read on for a quick overview of our current and past partnerships and sponsors.

Get involved

Then give us a call at 919-240-4622 or email to find out how your organization can get involved.