Share Your Knowledge

The eGranary Digital Library, our "Internet-in-a-box" solution, contains over 35 million resources, and we continue to catalog new items every day.

The Digital Library Project represents volunteer librarians' hundreds of hours of work and includes the collective contributions of hundreds of authors and publishers.

We're actively pursuing existing digital collections, web sites and documents with an educational objective.

Contributing new content to the eGranary

Besides searching for resources ourselves, we welcome suggestions for content, as well as donations from organizations or authors who would like to see their material included in this ground-breaking project.

For those looking for truly international, equal-access delivery of their materials, publishing in the eGranary Digital Library is a good complement to publishing on the Internet.

To donate your own materials, or to make a suggestion of someone else's digital content, email or consult the eGranary FAQ online.

Content editing

The WiderNet Project is also looking for individuals who are willing to take on the role of a "content editor."

These individuals pursue permission to copy resources in a relevant academic or development discipline, which we can then use in the eGranary Digital Library. They also catalog the donated resources and highlight various pages of interest.

If you have a relevant interest, you can collect materials for your own use while allowing those around the world without adequate Internet access to utilize the same resources via our project.

To volunteer as a content editor, please email