eGranary Volunteers in Nigeria

eGranary in Action: The Voices of Angels Foundation

Unlike a typical eGranary donation through schools, non-profits and religious groups, the Frediani family's Voices of Angels Foundation learned about the eGranary Digital Library through an article in the San Jose Mercury News.

John and Shannon Frediani, their three children, and two other couples installed five laptops networked to the eGranary Digital Library.

Along with the laptops, the Voices of Angels Foundation donated 72 textbooks.

"The eGranary network was set up in two days," said Frediani. “The efficient setup allowed the rest of the week to be fully dedicated to introducing the computers to students and faculty.”

With the help of his son Joseph and another volunteer’s son, Kavi, 25 students and 4 faculty members were trained.

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“They did most of the work with the students while we were busy working out technical issues” Frediani said.

While installing the eGranary, Frediani met with Dr. Steven Akintunde at the University of Jos. He received a tour of the university and the situation they are facing regarding internet access.

“He's a very remarkable man” said Frediani. “He was able to give us a brief look at the situation at the University, a very exciting place, with a lot of challenges.”

The Frediani family and the volunteers had a very positive experience in Jos.

“It was a fantastic success” Frediani said, “both the students and faculty were amazed and delighted by even a small taste of the eGranary content.”

The Voices of Angels Foundation is hoping to train more people in Nigeria in the future.

“The excitement and gratitude from the students, faculty, and parents at CMIA was overwhelming, as were some of the ongoing needs and challenges” Frediani said. “It was hard to leave as we felt very deeply connected with the faculty and students in spite of the short time, and they were sad to see us go so soon as well. We are already looking at options for our next trip.”

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