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Purchase an eGranary

Ready to purchase an eGranary Digital Library for your organization? The process for purchasing an eGranary Digital Library is almost as easy as installing and using it!

Step 1: Request Quote

If you're not fully satisfied with the initial quote you receive, you can request another.

Step 2: Accept the quote

  • Once you have a quote that meets your needs, let us know you agree with the terms by sending us your shipping and billing information.
  • Then let us know your desired form of payment, and we'll send you a formal invoice. For information about the four possible payment methods, click here.

Step 3: Complete the License Agreement

  • Fill out the online License Agreement here. If you can't access it online, we can email you a printable copy that you can print, complete and fax, mail or email back. This agreement is required for each eGranary Digital Library that you intend to purchase. It makes you aware of the copyright maintained on the content included on the eGranary and helps us provide you with technical support and other assistance in the future. For your records, print out and keep a copy of the completed agreement.

Step 4: Payment and delivery

  • Once we receive your payment and License Agreement, we'll ship the item(s) to you along with a copy of the License Agreement you completed.

Questions? Please email or call us at 919-240-4622.

Ready to get started? Read on for all the details you need to purchase an eGranary for your organization: