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eGranary Digital Library

With permission, we copy thousands of educational Web sites and deliver them to intranet Web servers INSIDE our partner institutions in developing countries and other under-served places around the globe.  We deliver millions of multimedia documents that patrons can instantly access over their local area networks at no cost. 

The eGranary Digital Library - also known as "The Internet in a Box" - has been adopted by over 2,000 institutions that lack adequate Internet access.

The eGranary is much more than just static information: the digital library contains built-in tools for subscribers to upload and edit local materials as well as create and edit their own websites, which are stored locally.

Purchase an eGranary Digital Library
Ready to order an eGranary for your organization? The purchase process starts here with information about products and pricing, shipping options, payment methods, and more.

About the eGranary Digital Library
Take a look at the history and background of the eGranary, view some of our current subscribers, etc.

How It Works
Learn what the eGranary appliance looks like, see how it's produced and distributed, review our policies and guidelines, and get answers to frequently asked questions.

What's Inside the eGranary

You'll find more than 30 MILLION documents, each of them fully indexed and searchable using our powerful, built-in search engine.

Frequently Asked Questions
Includes answers to common inquiries WiderNet receives about purchasing, receiving (shipping), installing and maintaining the eGranary.

Contact Us
Reach us by e-mail, phone, or fax or even visit in person - and meet our staff and executive team.

WiderNet Field Associates
A team of young entreprenuers who promote the eGranary in their communities, providing installation, training, and technical support.


eGranary installations across the world

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What our subscribers say...

"eGranary Digital Library has been a great bridge in the digital divide for us at the University of Jos in Nigeria. It has served the purpose of bringing the Internet to our doorsteps... The eGranary holds great promise for developing economies where bandwidth and the cost of Internet access is high."

Dr. Stephen Akintunde, Deputy University Librarian
University of Jos - Jos, Nigeria

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